To get out the most of your new data recorder PU[REC], DEWETRON prepared a collection of videos. By watching, you will get an idea of what your PU[REC] is capable of. Enjoy watching and, even more, enjoy putting what you have learned into practice with your own PU[REC].




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The new data recorder PU[REC] comprises 16 analog input channels (9-pin female D-SUB) with the capability to directly measure ±10 V. In this video, you will find out how easy that is. With only a few taps, you can adjust your channel settings and visualize your data.

Expand to any signal
input by using MSI

DEWETRON offers so-called modular smart interfaces (MSI). With the help of these MSIs, you can easily expand the ±10 V input channels of your PU[REC] to almost any signal. Due to that, you can inexpensively customize your data recorder for your needs. Learn more about MSIs in our video.

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Expand by
using EPADs

Our portfolio also enables quasi-static channel expansions with EPAD2 modules. These 8-channel modules sample data with 10 S/s per channel by using a 24-bit AD converter. Four different options are available to measure voltage, current, thermocouple and RTD inputs. In our video, you can see this module in action.

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Measure up to
±200 V directly

One of DEWETRON’s modular smart interfaces (MSI-BR-V-200) allows you to considerably expand PU[REC]’s measurement functionality from ±10 V to ±200 V. Within seconds, your MSI is in action and ready for your measurement. In this video, you learn how simple that is.

Easily use
charge sensors

To acquire and analyze the data of a charge sensor with your PU[REC], you need DEWETRON’s MSI2-CH-X (several types available). With this modular smart interface, you can measure charge type sensors up to 100 000 pC. Simply watch our video to see the MSI2-CH-100 in action.

Easily use

DEWETRON offers a range of modular smart interfaces to measure inputs from thermocouple sensors (for instance for type K, J and T). In our video, you can see how a type K thermocouple and our MSI2-TH-K interact – without any effort by the user.

Easily use
bridge sensors

Your PU[REC] is capable to measure the signal of full-bridge, half-bridge and quarter-bridge strain gauges. Therefore, you simply need to connect the MSI2-STG, one type of DEWETRON’s modular smart interfaces. In our video, you will find out how to do that.

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