It is time for something new. Something simple and pure. It is time for PU[REC]. Discover the data recorder for the next generation. Our PU[REC] is portable, expandable, easy to use with touch operation and delivers the well-known and widely appreciated DEWETRON quality. Enjoy your measurement task and the analysis of your data with the included measurement software OXYGEN – during the recording as well as afterwards. Enjoy your PU[REC].

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The new PU[REC] - your portable partner everywhere

The rugged chassis allows you to use the device even in rough environments to analyze electrical or mechanical components in sectors like aerospace & defense, power, industrial & manufacturing, automotive or any other application you can imagine.

  • sampling rate
    50 kS/s (optional 200 kS/s)
  • analog input channels
    16 x 9-pin female D-SUB, ± 10 V
  • digital input channels
    Digital I/O & counter
  • Data storage
    1 TB SSD
    (168 h for 16 channels @ 50 kS/s)
  • Dimensions
    463 x 129 x 318 mm
    (18.2 x 5.1 x 12.5 in.)
  • options
  • display
    15,6″ multi-touch display, full HD
  • power supply
    90 to 264 VAC
  • accuracy
    ± 0.02 % of reading
    ± 0.01 % of range ± 20 μV
  • weight
    7.3 kg
    (16.1 lb.)

your measurement
device for field tests

PU[REC] is your ideal partner for field tests. This is for instance guaranteed by the portable design, the simple synchronization options and the pre-installed measuring software OXYGEN, which can also be operated via the integrated multi-touch display.

your reliable partner

Your PU[REC] and its 16 expandable channels allow you to record your data reliably and gaplessly – exactly like you need – with various features (trigger, export, visualization, analysis, reports, etc.).

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the new PU[REC]
with measurement
software oxygen

The pre-installed measurement software OXYGEN – also a DEWETRON product – enables gapless data recording. OXYGEN is the most intuitive measurement software, you have probably ever seen and even allows you to operate it via multi-touch display. Customize the software according to your measurement tasks by defining different screens and views!

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Making a

Our new PU[REC] is different to all the measurement systems you might already be familiar with. DEWETRON’s latest innovation comes along with 16 channels and can be used wherever needed due to its low weight and the fact of being portable.

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precisely measure signals from 16 analog input channels (9-pin female D-SUB) and their extensions and choose the sampling rate that fits your needs – either 50 kS/s or 200 kS/s


economically expand to any signal input via analog input channels (MSI) and quasi-static channel expansions (EPAD2) by DEWETRON


perfectly synchronize several DEWETRON devices via OXYGEN-NET


easily preserve your measurement data for future tasks or collaborations and store up to 1 TB of data on the built-in SSD


simply analyze your data with our included measurement software OXYGEN – the most intuitive data analysis software you have ever seen – in live mode or post-processing


purely experience the performance of the Hard- and Software with every touch on the wide and bright 15.6” multi-touch display


Analog Input Channels (MSI)

Quasi-Static Channel expansion via EPAD2

quasi-static channel expansion EPAD2-V8


8 isolated voltage inputs
Input: max. ± 50 V
quasi-static channel expansion EPAD2-TH8


8 thermocouple inputs
Input: types K, T, J, E, R, S, B, N, C, U
quasi-static channel expansion EPAD2-LA8


8 isolated current inputs
Input: max. ± 30 mA
quasi-static channel expansion EPAD2-RTD8


8 isolated RTD inputs
Input: Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000, Pt2000
Resistance: 0 - 999.99 Ω

Software options


Many applications require more than one measurement device, sometimes even at different locations. OXYGEN-NET makes it possible, to sum up all devices to one virtual measurement device. You only need a reliable network connection, then you can simply claim all available nodes and operate them from the main device.

  • Create one big virtual device with several remote measurement nodes
  • Simply claim and remove nodes with one click (no complicated settings needed)
  • Work with absolute time synchronization as well as with TRION-SYNC-BUS
  • Store your data locally and remotely to benefit from redundancies

You need the acquired data to be available on the CAN-Bus? No problem, the optional CAN-transmit function makes it very easy to serve almost every OXYGEN channel cyclically on the CAN-bus.

  • Send and receive simultaneously on the same bus
  • Simply drag’n’drop the channels to the CAN-signal
  • Select the transmission interval individually for each CAN-message
  • Optionally tune the transmission delay to choose between quality or responsiveness
Ethernet Receiver

You have data sources you want to use in OXYGEN? The Ethernet receiver is your solution. It supports the decoding of UDP-packets into OXYGEN channels so you can visualize and record them together with all your other data. On the other hand, data can be output via UDP-streams for monitoring on different instances.

  • Support of 1 to several receiver and sender instances
  • Simple XML decoding structure for packet description
  • Optional time synchronization with timestamp decoding
Sound Level Option

Provides online determination of the time-dependent sound pressure level, the energy equivalent sound pressure level, freely definable statistical sound pressure levels, and many more.

  • A-, B-, C-, D- and Z-frequency weighting (according to DIN EN 61672-1)
  • Fast, slow, and impulse time weighting (according to IEC 651)
  • Reference level for air (20 µPa) and water (1 µPa)
  • Overall and interval logging

One Device For
many Applications

There are more than 25,000 DEWETRON measurement
systems and over 400,000 measurement channels in use
in well-known companies worldwide. Choosing DEWETRON means, having a partner by your side who accompanies
you every step of the way.


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